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Local Campaigning Toolkit

We've put together a Local Campaigning Toolkit to support you to:

  • learn about different campaigning methods
  • identify and approach local decision makers
  • speak to the press
  • mobilise your local community

Introduction to campaigning

Campaigning is about making life better for people affected by MS. It’s about working together to influence decisions made about services, facilities or care in your local area to change them for the better.

  1. Local Campaigning Toolkit - Introduction to campaigning

Tactics and events

Campaigning doesn’t just mean taking to the streets to protest; there are lots of different ways that you can help make your community better for people with MS.

Here are some ideas about how you can influence decision makers in your area.

  1. Local Campaigning Toolkit - Tactics and events

Influencing decision makers

Different campaigns will have different targets, or decision makers.

When you begin to plan your campaign, you’ll need to decide which decision makers you need to target. This will vary across campaigns as different organisations, people, or groups all have different levels of responsibility and influence in your area. It’s a good idea to find out more about the decision makers you want to target before you think about the tactics you might use to influence them.

  1. Local Campaigning Toolkit - Influencing decision makers in England
  2. Local Campaigning Toolkit - Influencing decision makers in Northern Ireland
  3. Local Campaigning Toolkit - Influencing decision makers in Scotland
  4. Local Campaigning Toolkit - Influencing decision makers in Wales

Speaking to the press

Involving your local newspaper, radio or TV station can be a great way to let others in your community know about your campaign and put pressure on decision makers.

Good times to contact the press are ahead of campaign events, at the start of your campaign, or when you’ve secured a significant change or commitment.

  1. Local Campaigning Toolkit - Speaking to the press

Getting the support of your community

By working with your wider community, you can increase the level of support for your campaign and its impact.

When you’ve decided your overall aim, think about other people that may want to support the campaign or get involved. This could be people you know, or your wider community.

  1. Local Campaigning Toolkit - Getting the support of your community

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