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Early treatment support

A new scientific consensus has been reached which redefines the way relapsing forms of MS should be treated.

Evidence now tells us that early treatment improves long-term health and wellbeing by slowing down the build-up of irreversible damage and reducing the number of relapses people experience. So, rather than waiting to see whether relapses occur, DMTs (Disease Modifying Therapies) should be offered as close to diagnosis as possible.

We know that this will mean a change for many people in how they may go about asking for and choosing treatments.

We appreciate this news may be hard for many people affected by MS to hear, but the new evidence doesn’t mean that starting treatment later will not have any benefits. Everyone with a relapsing form of MS should speak to their neurologist about treatment options and make an active and informed choice about what is right for them.

Supporting resources

Branches may well receive a peak in support calls as this news becomes public. We have created the following resources to support you with this and have attempted to address many of the questions people with MS may have.

Frequently asked questions

These questions and answers try to answer the most common questions people with MS may have about early treatment.

Read some frequently asked questions

Information PDF

This PDF explains a bit more about the science behind early treatment.

Read the information here

MS Helpline

Please remember that the free MS Helpline is available if you or anyone you support would like to speak to someone in confidence: or 0808 800 8000, Monday to Friday 9am-9pm (not including bank holidays).

Additional resources

Additional resources are now available on our website which you will be able to point people to – these include a new DMT booklet and ‘What to discuss with your neurologist’ guide.


If you have any further questions about this news or supporting people affected in your local MS community, please contact us: