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Events guidance documents

Lower risk events are covered by our new, simplified events guidance documents.

Events guidance reduces the time you need to spend on risk management, whilst ensuring you can provide a safe environment for members and visitors to take part in different kinds of activities. It removes your responsibility for managing emergencies such as fire and first aid incidents.

Use the same guidance document to record all events of the same type.

Events guidance

If you wish to restart and event or activity during COVID-19 this is what you will need to do:

  1. Restart during COVID-19 flowchart

Follow the links to access guidance and all supporting documents for each type of event you are organising.

  1. Informal meetings
  2. Group outings in a controlled environment
  3. Professionally organised events
  4. Meetings in a member’s home - NOT IN USE AT THIS TIME
  5. Coach trips where vehicle/ driver are hired - NOT IN USE AT THIS TIME
  6. Cheering/ information points, single stalls - NOT IN USE AT THIS TIME
  7. Throwing powder paint - NOT IN USE AT THIS TIME
  8. Collections in pre-agreed premises - NOT IN USE AT THIS TIME
  9. Use of gazebo at third party events - NOT IN USE AT THIS TIME

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