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Group outings in a controlled environment - guidance

Our events guidance reduces the time you need to spend on risk management, whilst ensuring you can provide a safe environment for members and visitors to take part in different kinds of activities. It removes your responsibility for managing emergencies such as fire and first aid incidents.

Group outings in a controlled environment guidance applies to group visits to venues such as museums, zoos, shopping centres, etc., which are open to the public, where MS Society volunteers or members of staff do not provide personal care that would normally be delivered by carers.


Use this guidance when organising group outings.

  1. HSV: 913 - Group events in a controlled environment
  2. HSV: 914 - Coach trips where vehicle/ driver are hired - NOT IN USE AT THIS TIME
  3. HSV: 920 - Provision of food - NOT IN USE AT THIS TIME

Insurance and emergency forms

MS Society events are covered by our central insurance, provided that agreed guidance is followed or a risk assessment is in place.

  1. MS Society insurance cover

Familiarise yourself with our accident and incident recording and reporting processes before your event.

  1. HSV: 122 - Accident report form
  2. HSV: 123 - Incident report form


Use these checklists to help you follow our guidance for organising group outings.

  1. HSV: 111A - Attendance register for regular activities and events
  2. HSV: 111B - Attendance register for one-off activities and events
  3. HSV: 921A - Supporter information
  4. HSV: 921B - COVID-19 guidance sheet

Additional resources

These documents will give you the background to our events risk management system.

  1. HSV: 000V - Volunteer responsibilities
  2. VERA: 901 - Events risk assessment - NOT IN USE AT THIS TIME

Need support?

Contact your Local Networks Officer for support with any risk management queries, including access audits, disclosure checks, personal care or the involvement of under 16’s.

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