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Miscellaneous activities requiring a risk assessment - NOT IN USE AT THIS TIME

Our events risk management system ensures that you can provide a safe environment for members and visitors to take part in different kinds of activities. Miscellaneous activities include allowing other organisations to use MS Society property.


These documents will give you the background to our events risk management system.

  1. HSV: 000V - Volunteer responsibilities (events)
  2. VERA: 901 - Events risk assessment (general)

Specific risk assessments

Complete the relevant risk assessment for each activity you organise.

  1. VERA: 906A - External use of MS Society property

Emergency forms and information

Ensure you have copies of insurance documents and familiarise yourself with our accident and incident recording and reporting processes.

  1. Public and Employers liability insurance
  2. Summary of insurance cover
  3. HSV: 122 - Accident report form
  4. HSV: 123 - Incident report form


Each risk assessment includes checklists - you can download them here.

  1. HSV: 111A - Attendance register for regular activities and events
  2. HSV: 111B - Attendance register for one-off activities and events
  3. HSV: 921A - Supporter information

Additional resources

  1. HSV: 125A - Appointed person responsibilities
  2. HSV: 125B - First aid at events - frequently asked questions
  3. HSV: 920 - Provision of food
  4. HSV: 921 - Cheering points, information points and single stalls

Need support?

Contact your Local Networks Officer in the first instance.

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