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Our events risk management system

Our events risk management system meets legal minimum standards to keep you, your members and visitors safe. The system also helps protect the MS Society financially - and you from personal liability.

Risk assessment or guidance?

Some events your group organises require you to complete a risk assessment.

The purpose of risk assessment is to:

  • show all the foreseeable risks that could be found in a particular situation
  • determine the level of risk
  • develop control measures that can be put in place to avoid these risks

Other lower risk events are covered by our new, simplified events guidance documents.

Events guidance documents reduce the time you need to spend on risk management, whilst ensuring you can provide a safe environment for members and visitors to take part in different kinds of activities. They remove your responsibility for managing emergencies such as fire and first aid incidents.

We’ve developed a video and flowchart to help you to work out which level of risk management your event requires.

  1. Go to Events risk assessment or guidance?

Events risk assessments

Follow the links to access risk assessments and all supporting documents for each type of event you are organising.

  1. Indoor and outdoor events
  2. Professionally organised events
  3. Meetings
  4. Miscellaneous activities

Events guidance

Follow the links to access guidance and all supporting documents for each type of event you are organising.

  1. Informal meetings
  2. Meetings in a member’s home
  3. Group outings in a controlled environment
  4. Coach trips where vehicle and coach are hired
  5. Cheering points, information points and single stalls
  6. Professionally organised events
  7. Fire walking events
  8. Collections in pre-agreed premises

Need support?

Events guidance training is being rolled out throughout the UK during 2016 and 2017. Contact your Local Networks Officer for details.

You must not guess the level of risk management needed - wait for training in your area or ask for help.

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