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Exercise classes using live stream or video during COVID-19

A risk assessment has been developed and agreed with our insurance providers for the period where COVID-19 means that social distancing is still necessary. It is designed to allow groups to continue to participate in their fitness activities through an alternative online medium while providing them with the knowledge that if something were to go wrong during an activity they would be able to obtain any help they needed.


These documents will give you the background to our events risk management system.

  1. HSV: 000V - Volunteer responsibilities

Specific risk assessment

Complete this risk assessment for each professionally organised event your group takes part in.

  1. VFRA: 701A - Live stream video - exercise class

Emergency forms and information

Ensure you have copies of insurance documents and familiarise yourself with our accident and incident recording and reporting processes.

  1. Public and Employers liability insurance
  2. Summary of insurance cover
  3. HSV: 122 - Accident report form
  4. HSV: 123 - Incident report form

Additional resources

  1. Disclaimer slides for live stream or video classes
  2. FAQ's streaming fitness activities-groups

Need support?

Contact your Local Networks Officer in the first instance.

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