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Forum Moderator welcome and induction

Welcome and thank you. We hope you enjoy volunteering with us.

Your welcome and induction checklist

Our welcome and induction checklist gives you pointers for settling into your role and finding out about our work, the policies and resources in place to support you.

Download our Forum Moderator welcome and induction checklist as a PDF

You can get a printed copy from the person who recruited you.

Here's a quick view of the resources listed in the checklist:

Welcome resources

  1. Forum Moderator role description
  2. Our welcome video and welcome booklet
  3. Our What is MS video and information
  4. Our Strategy video
  5. Representing the MS Society
  6. Our policies and documents
  7. Our Expenses policy
  8. Our expenses claim form
  9. MS News

My mandatory learning

  1. Our Data protection policy
  2. Handling data
  3. Our Equal opportunities and inclusion policy
  4. Our Diversity position statement
  5. Our Confidentiality statement

Induction to my role and responsibilities

Your staff contact will give you a copy of our Community guidelines.

Sources of support

Your staff contact is here to support you, answer questions about what you’ll be doing, your learning and where you can get more information.

Our Supporter Care Team can signpost you to the staff in other departments.
A list of staff contacts who may support you is also available.

  1. The Supporter Care Team
  2. Staff support

  3. Back to Forum Moderator role