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GDPR eLearning update

Over the summer we launched the updated GDPR eLearning course, contacting 1,150 volunteers in roles, or using systems that handle the personal data of our community.

The law requires that training is provided to all relevant staff and volunteers and the quiz when passed is recorded so we can provide a training register should the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) ask for it.

Thank you to the 20% of you who’ve already completed the course, this is a great first step towards meeting this obligation.

Some people have experienced issues in accessing or being able to complete the course.

There are two FAQ documents available that address the most common issues:

  1. How to access the eLearning system

  2. Troubleshooting guide

But please get in touch with us if these are no help.

Thank you also to those who have given feedback about the course. As a result, the Volunteer Learning and Development team are trialling a new eLearning system and hope to have an improved course available soon for those who’ve not managed to complete it yet.

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