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Growing our community

We want to ensure that we’re providing the best possible support for people living with MS. Our MS community is hugely diverse. Together we campaign for change, provide support and information, and drive forward progress in research. And to do this we need to be as inclusive and relevant to as many people in the MS community as possible.

Reviewing our membership model

We’re currently a membership organisation but, with our aim of growing the community in mind, we want to review this model. A lot’s changed since the MS Society was founded over 60 years ago. Today, people connect with us and support us in lots of different ways – through our website, social media, events, services and much more. We know that, sometimes, non-members who support us can feel excluded, or worse, are excluded – whether due to the cost or process of joining as a member. We want to ensure that we’re accessible to all, as well as remaining relevant and current.

Members are invited to vote on a resolution to give us permission to explore options of a new model and this will be discussed at our AGM on 22 September. If passed, the review will take in to consideration how we protect the membership fee income of our local groups.

If you’re a member and eligible to vote at the AGM, you’ll have received an AGM booklet with your copy of MS Matters with more information and outlining how to vote.

If you have any questions please contact Supporter Care

This article is taken from Teamspirit - September 220

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