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The MS fatigue self-management course is here!

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The Information Resources Team are very proud to announce the launch of our MS fatigue self-management course. This interactive eLearning course can be found on our website here.

The course is based on fatigue management workshops developed at Bournemouth University with members of the Bournemouth MS Society Group.

It aims to normalise the effects of MS fatigue by teaching people to recognise unhelpful thought patterns, and providing strategies and techniques to overcome these. There are six accessible online sessions – each around 20 minutes long – accompanied by animations and graphics.

Over 25 people gave us valuable feedback which helped us shape the user experience.

Comments at the end of the course were very positive. Here’s an example:

“This course was full of helpful tips for managing fatigue; through following the guidance in the modules I now feel that I am better prepared to cope with fatigue and will no longer feel guilty about having to change plans if I have overstretched myself. I will certainly make use of the delegate tool. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial this course, I would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling to cope with fatigue.”

So, if fatigue is an issue or a worry for you, why not give the course a try and let us know if it helps.

The Information Resources Team will be creating more eLearning courses later in the year. Watch this space…

Contact: Carmel Barrett, Information Resource Manager

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