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Making MS Society information available

We produce a range of award winning publications about living with MS to ensure everyone affected by MS has access to the latest evidence based information.

See Group Handbook B3: Giving information

  1. Information giving and your role
  2. The Information Standard
  3. MS Society publications
  4. Ordering publications
  5. Dealing with information enquiries
  6. Need support?

Information giving and your role

Your group may choose to recruit one or more volunteers to coordinate your information provision:

  1. Administration Volunteer
  2. Communications Volunteer
  3. Lead Support Volunteer
  4. Support Volunteer

The Information Standard

We are a certified member of the Information Standard. This is a quality assurance standard established to improve the quality of health and social care information.

Being certified by the Information Standard shows that we value our reputation and credibility. When you share MS Society publications, you can be sure you are providing quality information.

MS Society publications

We have a wide range of award-winning publications and factsheets to support people affected by MS to live life to the fullest and engage in shared decision making about their health and wellbeing.

Ordering publications

Our information resources are available to order from the Online Shop. They are free of charge to your group, but please keep in mind our production costs and regular update schedule when placing orders.

  1. Find out more about Using our Online Shop

Dealing with information enquiries

Your group may receive requests for information about MS by phone or email, via social media, or in person. You need to ensure the volunteer responsible for each contact method has access to our publications to deal with information enquiries.

  1. See Availability, contact and communication for support to use our contact methods

Need support?

Supporter Care Team

You can ask our Supporter Care Team to post individual copies of publications to people on your group's behalf.

  1. Get contact details for our Supporter Care Team

MS Helpline

Our MS Helpline offers emotional support and information to anyone affected by MS in the UK. You can ask them for help with individual enquiries and share the MS Helpline contact details with anyone you think could benefit.

  1. Get contact details for our MS Helpline

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