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Wellbeing Facilitator

Our Wellbeing Facilitators play a key role in co-delivering sessions to t to help people affected by MS to access services and improve their well-being.

Role description

Download our Wellbeing Facilitator role description to learn:

  • Why we need you
  • What the role involves
  • Skills, experience and abilities you need to have
  • Skills we can support you to develop
  • What you can expect from us
  • What we expect from you
  1. See our Wellbeing Facilitator role description

Welcome and induction

We want you to understand how our Support Volunteers deliver impact for people affected by MS.

Your welcome and induction checklist introduces you to our work, the policies in place to support you and key resources you’ll need to do your role.

  1. See our Wellbeing Facilitator welcome and induction checklist

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