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Web to Print charges

We've reviewed how our groups use Web to Print and we're introducing a more flexible charging process.

Why introduce a charging process?

With the launch of Web to Print last year, we allocated each group a promotional budget of £150 to spend on personalised, printed merchandise. Some groups haven't spent their budget and others wanted to spend more but were limited by the system.

We've reviewed this and your print budget will no longer be restricted - your Coordinating Team can decide how much you need to spend and you'll be charged through your group bank account.

Web to Print charging process

From Monday 31 July, printing charges beyond your budget allocation will be taken directly from your group bank account in May and November. You'll be able to view these transactions through Online Accounting.

If you have spent up to or over your £150 budget this year, this means that any further printed materials ordered through the system will be chargeable. Please note that producing PDFs for printing locally is and will remain free.

You have until the end of November 2017 to spend your £150 promotional budget, after which all printing costs will be chargeable.

We'll be in touch soon to confirm the amount you have left to spend on your promotional budget.

Need support?

If you’re unsure how to access your group’s Web to Print account or have any queries about the charging process, contact the Supporter Care Team.

  1. See our Web to Print User Guide

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