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New registered office address

As a company, we’re required to have a registered office address recorded with Companies House for receiving official mail, such as from HMRC.

MS National Centre was our registered address. But, now the building has been sold, we’ll be using the registered office address of our external auditors instead. This arrangement will remain in place even when we move into the new London office in Finsbury Park.

With immediate effect, our new registered office address is:

10 Queen Street Place, London EC4R 1AG

When should the registered office address be used?

Our registered office address should not be used, or given to anyone, for sending mail to us.

It’s the address we need to use when entering into agreements or submitting formal documents, such as fundraising bids. And it will appear on our letterhead, and on other formal documents such as invoices and purchase orders. The registered office address is the same for each of the nations, even though we have different office locations.

Where should mail be sent?

Our office addresses for post in Belfast, Cardiff and Ratho remain unchanged. In England, post should still be sent to the MS National Centre address (and will be handled by a mail management company) until we move into the new London office. We’ll update you when that happens later in the year.

What should I do with materials carrying the old address?

Any materials mentioning the MS National Centre address as somewhere to send correspondence are still fine. But any saved templates referencing it as our registered office address should now be updated or (if already printed out) recycled.

Our letterhead templates now contain the new registered office address in the correct place (in the footer). They’re available on the Volunteer Website here, and should be used from now on.