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MS Helpline - could you spare a few hours a week?

Could you spare a few hours a week to provide emotional support and information for people affected by MS? If so, our MS Helpline team would like to hear from you.

Investing in Volunteers

In the next few months we’ll be independently assessed for Investing in Volunteers accreditation.

Money matters

We know there have been different levels of group activity over the past few months. Those who have been using service providers for online exercise classes, or who have done some online fundraising, etc, are likely to have had financial transactions. But even those groups whose activities are paused may have received donations.

We're looking for stories

We know that NHS services and therapies can be difficult to access at the best of times. The pandemic has made this even worse, with services (both NHS and private) - including occupational therapy, continence services, support to stay physically active, clinical psychology, physiotherapy, help with diet and speech, and pain management – being reduced, limited or put on hold.

Restarting face-to-face group activities - an update

Although lockdown has relaxed over recent weeks, our guidance to local groups has remained that the suspension of all face-to-face services and activities must continue.

Restructure feedback sessions

We are completely committed to being transparent and open with you and providing opportunities for volunteers to contribute.

It may be difficult for colleagues over the coming weeks if they are part of the consultation. We ask that you are sensitive to that.

So that you can ask questions and share your views throughout the process, we’re running some virtual feedback sessions on Zoom, you can find the details below.

Our risk management system

Our risk management system ensures that everyone who takes part in your events and activities, visits your property, or uses your transport can feel confident that we take their health, safety and wellbeing seriously.

Events risk assessment or guidance?

Some events your group organises require you to complete a risk assessment and other lower risk events are covered by our new, simplified events guidance.

In this video, Andy Grant - Health and Safety Officer tells you about events risk assessments and guidance documents, and demonstrates how to work out which you need to use.

We’ve also developed a useful flowchart you can print off and keep.