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Restarting face-to-face services, social activities and fundraising

[16 July update - Read our latest restarting news here.]

Since April, we've been taking a staggered approach to supporting our groups to restart face-to-face services, social activities, and (most recently) fundraising. We’ve updated our risk-management systems and paperwork to allow this to happen in a COVID-safe way, in line with governmental guidance.

MS Helpline - could you spare a few hours a week?

Could you spare a few hours a week to provide emotional support and information for people affected by MS? If so, our MS Helpline team would like to hear from you.

Investing in Volunteers

In the next few months we’ll be independently assessed for Investing in Volunteers accreditation.

Black History Month: Proud to be...

Last year we renewed our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, in recognition of the Black Lives Matter movement. As part of that commitment, we also marked UK Black History Month for the first time in its long and rich history. We know we’ve been slow to join the movement. But now we have, we’re committed to centring the experiences of our Black MS community within it.

Neurology Now – this can’t continue

Despite one in six people in the UK living with a neurological condition, neurology services are stretched, underfunded and overlooked. These services were neglected long before the pandemic – but now the situation is critical. 

Our community have told us of difficulties in accessing MS and neurology services even before the COVID-19 pandemic. And that delays to appointments and waiting times for services have increased even more due to the effects of the pandemic.

Grants Get-togethers

Join one of our grants get-togethers and connect with volunteers from other grant-giving groups, to ask advice or share your own experience.

There are several sessions to choose from, starting on 30 September.

Restarting face-to-face fundraising activities

Join one of our compulsory Zoom sessions if your group wishes to restart face-to-face fundraising activities.

There are several sessions to choose from, starting on 16 September.

Grants Get-togethers

During our recent grants updates and workshops on Zoom, lots of you said you found the opportunity to speak to other volunteers really useful. Advice was shared – from information about local resources, to wider ideas like building relationships with health professionals.

Restarting face-to-face group activity

With things now feeling more ‘normal’ and the summer holiday season coming to an end, we’re seeing an increase in the number of groups now ready to restart some face-to-face activity. It’s great to know that some of our service users, many of whom have been physically isolated for so long, will be able to resume the social contact which means so much to them.

This also seems a good time for a reminder about the five-step process all groups need to follow before restarting any face-to-face activity: