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Ocrelizumab rejected for primary progressive MS

The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE), who approve drugs to be available on the NHS in England and Wales, has rejected the use of ocrelizumab for people living with early primary progressive MS.

Ocrelizumab is a drug that, since early 2018, has a Europe-wide license to treat relapsing MS and early primary progressive MS.

However, NICE have now rejected the use of ocrelizumab for early primary progressive MS. This is because the cost of the drug is deemed too high for the benefits it can provide.

This is incredibly disappointing news for the MS community, especially as there are no disease modifying treatments for primary progressive MS available on the NHS.

But this is not the end. We’re calling for the manufacturer Roche, NICE and NHS England to put people with MS first and agree a deal to make ocrelizumab available at a price the NHS can afford.

We’ll be in discussion with all those involved in the decision and have launched a petition calling for people with primary progressive MS to be put first.

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This article is taken from Teamspirit - September 220

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