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Online accounting - Login Details

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The security of financial information is very important and here are some tips for using our Online Accounting system:

  • Make sure your password is changed at least every 6 months. Passwords can be reset once you have logged in. This can be done by clicking on User Settings at the top right of the home page.

  • If your web browser prompts you to ‘auto-save’ the login details or password to Online Accounting, please select ‘No’, otherwise it won’t let you log back in once you change/reset your password.

  • Your login details shouldn’t be shared with anyone else – they are unique to you.

As part of the Internal Financial Controls Checklist requirements, a minimum of two members of your Coordinating Team need to be set up on Online Accounting. Ideally the Finance Volunteer should have administrative rights and the Group Coordinator would have view only access.

If you need additional login details for your group contact the Finance Team where we can issue these and provide one-to-one training for Online Accounting. Training on using Online Accounting and advice on how to run reports can be provided to all co-ordinating team members.

Contact the Finance Support team

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