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Using Online Recruitment

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  1. What is Online Recruitment?
  2. Why use Online Recruitment?
  3. How does Online Recruitment work?
  4. Who can use Online Recruitment?
  5. Getting started
  6. Need support?

1. What is Online Recruitment?

Online Recruitment is our new tool to support anyone recruiting volunteers, enabling you to post volunteering opportunities and manage the whole recruitment process online. It automatically post adverts on key volunteer recruitment websites and enables people interested in our volunteer roles to apply online.

See Group Handbook A2: Requirements, support, tools and resources

2. Why use Online Recruitment?

A better experience for everyone

Online Recruitment makes recruiting volunteers quicker and simpler for everyone.

As someone recruiting volunteers, you can oversee every step of the process, view everyone applying for roles you’re recruiting to and be reminded of all necessary processes, e.g. organising a disclosure check.

Potential volunteers will have a similar experience wherever they apply from. They'll be able to complete their application in their own time, returning to it if they need to. They'll be able to save their details to apply for different roles.

Clearer on the role

The potential volunteer can view the role description and the advert. They can be clear about what they will be doing and what is required for each role, for example a disclosure check.

Online Recruitment includes an ‘essential criteria’ section to be filled in first. People who don’t meet the criteria can’t continue with their application. This saves time for everyone. You can be sure you’re recruiting the right person for the role. The potential volunteer can be sure it’s the right type of role.

Greater awareness

Online Recruitment automatically posts your advert on key volunteering recruitment websites, such as and Charity Job.

This helps raise awareness of our volunteer roles and your group’s activities to people who might not know what we do.

3. How does Online Recruitment work?

Recruiting volunteers online

The presentation at the top of this page gives you an overview of recruiting volunteers online. View it in full screen and in Google Chrome for the best experience.

If you prefer to read this presentation offline, a distance learning pack is available.

  1. See instructions on How to use online presentations
  2. Download our Recruiting Volunteers Online distance learning pack


Watch our demonstration of how Online Recruitment works:

Watch our video on how to use the New Vacancy Request form:

4. Who can use Online Recruitment?

It is up to your Coordinating Team to decide which volunteer will take on responsibility for your Online Recruitment account. All Online Recruitment notifications will be sent to your group's MS Society email address.

  1. Find out more about Using MS Society email

When a volunteer leaves

As part of our exit process, you must contact our Volunteering Team if the volunteer responsible for your Online Recruitment account leaves us. You will need to let us know who will replace them to continue to access your vacancies.

  1. Learn what to do When a volunteer leaves

5. Getting started

Log in to Online Recruitment

Before you log in for the first time, contact the Volunteering Team at [email protected] to create your group’s username and password. You will need access to your group’s MS Society email to do this.

We will send you a link to complete our Data Protection for GDPR eLearning before you can start using Online Recruitment.

IT requirements

To use Online Recruitment, you will need:

  • a computer with internet access
  • your Online Recruitment username and password

6. Need support?

User guide

Read our step-by-step Online Recruitment user guide.

  1. Download our user guide

Recruiting volunteers

Finding the right volunteers is key to achieving our goals and making a difference to the lives of people with MS. We’ve put together a range of guidance on all aspects of volunteer recruitment, from planning your recruitment, to making sure you're recruiting the right person, and helping them settle into their role.

  1. Find out more about Recruiting volunteers

Staff support

Our Volunteering Team is here to support you to set up Online Recruitment and answer your volunteer recruitment questions. You can also contact our provider Reach for technical support.

  1. Email our Volunteering Team at [email protected]
  2. Contact Reach for technical support at [email protected] or on 01527 574 408.

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