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Quality Standards

We need to make sure that what we deliver through our groups is of benefit to people affected by MS (is impactful) and meets their needs.

Quality Standards will enable us to assess the quality of all the services delivered by our groups.

See Group Handbook B6: Planning and delivering quality services and activities

  1. What is a Quality Standard?
  2. How do Quality Standards help us?
  3. Assessing Quality Standards
  4. Adding and editing service information
  5. Service level agreements
  6. Our Quality Standards
  7. Need support?

What is a Quality Standard?

A Quality Standard is a set of criteria that helps us to assess whether a service is a quality service.

  1. Learn more about What a Quality Standards is

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How do Quality Standards help us?

Achieving our Quality Standards will help promote your services, attract funding and demonstrate your accomplishments.

  1. Find out How Quality Standards help us

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Assessing Quality Standards

To achieve a Quality Standard, each of your services will be measured against a set of outcomes.

  1. Learn how we Assess Quality Standards

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Adding and editing service information

We use the Portal to gather information about your services and assess whether they meet the Quality Standard.

  1. Find out how to Add or edit service information

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Service level agreements

A service level agreement (SLA) is a written agreement that defines what your group expects from a service provider. Each of our Quality Standards specifies whether a service requires an SLA to achieve it.

  1. Service level agreements

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Our Quality Standards

We’ve put everything you need to know about achieving the Quality Standard for each type of service in one place. Click on one of the links below to find out more.

  1. Advice partnerships
  2. Complementary therapies
  3. Emotional and psychological wellbeing
  4. Exercise
  5. Information
  6. MS Support
  7. Physiotherapy
  8. Socials and support groups
  9. Awarding grants

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Need support?

Your Local Networks Officer

Your Local Networks Officer (LNO) is your main contact, supporting your group to offer safe, effective services and support for people affected by MS. They will work with you to achieve our Quality Standards for the services you provide.

  1. Get contact details for your Local Networks Officer

Supporter Care Team

The Supporter Care Team is your point of contact for queries to MS Society departments. Contact the Supporter Care Team for support to set up and use the Portal.

  1. Contact the Supporter Care Team

Quality Standards Steering Group

Our Quality Standards have been developed by MS Society group volunteers, people affected by MS who use our services and staff from across the UK.

The Steering Group has decided:

  • How the Quality Standards should work
  • Which services need a Quality Standard
  • What the outcomes should be from these services
  • The timeline for roll out

Your feedback will help us to develop tools and resources to support you to achieve our Quality Standards.

  1. Email the Steering Group at

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