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Recruiting volunteers

This presentation outlines the steps to recruiting volunteers, from when you first realise you need a volunteer to helping them settle into their role.

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If you prefer to read this presentation offline, a distance learning pack is also available.

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See Group Handbook C1 - Volunteering with us

Finding the right volunteers is key to achieving our goals and making a difference to the lives of people with MS. To do so, we need to:

  • widely promote the roles we offer
  • offer opportunities that match our goals
  • meet volunteers’ interests, expectations and motivations
  • welcome volunteers and ensure their safety and wellbeing
  • support volunteers with tools to gain confidence in their role from the start

Our recruitment guides

In making sure we offer an excellent experience for volunteers, these guides are useful if you:

  • are new to recruiting volunteers
  • are looking for new ideas
  • follow good practice

Our guides detail our approach to recruiting, welcoming and inducting volunteers.

  1. Download the Outline

Before meeting a potential volunteer

For many roles, you’ll need to meet a potential volunteer before they can get involved with us.

Read our guide so you and the potential volunteer get what you need from your conversation. It includes template questions.

  1. See Preparing to meet a potential volunteer
  2. Download our Meeting questions template

Agreeing the role

To offer a role that’s appealing and flexible, have an open discussion about what tasks the volunteer is interested in.

Read our guide to leading initial conversations with potential volunteers, using our role description(s) to agree tasks and activities.

  1. Download Agreeing the role

Welcome and induction

Welcoming and supporting volunteers is key to motivating them and keeping them. Read our guide to our welcome and induction, and how to support new volunteers to settle in.

  1. See Welcoming and inducting volunteers

Sources of support

Your key contact is here to support you with recruiting volunteers. A list of staff contacts is available.

The Supporter Care Team can help with general enquiries about volunteering opportunities.

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  2. Get contact details for the Supporter Care team

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