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Title Description Typesort ascending Topic Main audience
HSV: 111B - Attendance register for one of events with low level physical activity Used for activities where participants are involved in low level physical activity Document Health and safety
Implementing Quality Frameworks Steering Group - Person with MS Role description for a member of the Implementing Quality Frameworks Steering Group - person with MS. Complete and submit a volunteer application form to apply. Document Roles, Essentials Everyone
Together to beat MS: Our strategy 2015 to 2019 The MS Society's strategy for 2015-2019. Document Everyone
HSV: 925A - Handling donations safely Advice for those collecting cash donations Document Fundraising and campaigning Volunteer coordinator, Fundraiser
Using Prezi Quick guide on how to use online presentations. Document Everyone
HSV: 132A - Young person induction Designed for young people completing a short term volunteer or work placement. Document Health and safety Transport officer, Volunteer coordinator
MS Society logos Make sure you use the correct version of our logo on your publicity and communication materials. Logo
Annual Transport Audit requirements This document outlines what needs to be in place when the external auditors visit to complete the annual audit of your transport. Factsheet Transport officer, Chair
Legal requirements all Volunteer Drivers must meet All Volunteer Drivers must meet the requirements laid out by the DVLA. Care must be taken by Groups to ensure that their drivers have the correct license for the weight of their vehicles Factsheet Essentials, Health and safety Transport officer
Support training overview Find out what's covered on each day of our support volunteer training course. Factsheet Offering support Support volunteer, Chair
Typical questions a trust might ask about branch grantmaking These suggestions will help you fill in a local trust application form to raise funds for your branch grantmaking programme. Factsheet Fundraising Support volunteer, Treasurer, Chair, Fundraiser
Online Shop FAQs Frequently asked questions about our online shop. Factsheet Offering support, Fundraising and campaigning Events coordinator, Support volunteer, Fundraiser, Publicity officer
Producing a branch account summary Use this guide to produce a summary of your branch accounts to include with trust applications. Factsheet Finances, Fundraising Treasurer, Fundraiser
HSV: 116A - Portable appliance passed A record is kept of all electrical appliances that passed the portable appliance test, then if there is an issue at a later date we can prove it was tested and sold in a safe condition. Form Health and safety Everyone
HSV: 116B - Portable appliances failed A record is kept of all electrical appliances that failed the portable appliance test so it is clear it was sent for safe disposal. Form Health and safety Everyone
HSV: 132 - Property induction form - portable appliance tester The competent portable appliance tester is responsible for agreeing a process with the shop manager and then ensuring it is in place. All the elements of this form will be checked as part of the... Form Health and safety Everyone
Fundraising complaints form Fill in this form when somebody makes a complaint about fundraising on behalf of, or in aid of, your branch. Form Fundraising
Carers Grant form Carers Grant application form to give to applicants who want to apply to the group for a grant – if your group has chosen to award Carers Grants. There is space at the end to add your group’s details... Form Offering support, Finances Support volunteer, Treasurer
HSV: 122 - Accident report form The accident form was reviewed in November 2023 and replaces all previous versions. Use this form to log and report all accidents. Form Health and safety Everyone
HSV: 123 - Incident report form The incident form was reviewed in November 2023 and replaces all previous versions. Use this form to log and report all near misses or incidents where no one is injured Form Health and safety Everyone