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Group Coordinator welcome and induction checklist We deliver impact for people affected by MS through our volunteers. This welcome and induction checklist will help our new Group Coodinators to settle in.
Safeguarding children and young people - making a referral Guidance on the information to include when reporting a child or young person safeguarding concern to the Safeguarding Responders Group.
MS Society email technical guide: Android devices This technical guide shows you how to use MS Society email on an Android device.
How the Booths did it - distance learning pack The Booths have been fundraising for us since 2011. In this distance learning pack, we find out about their story and how they’ve made this annual event a success.
HSV:110 - Property file index - holiday homes A list of all the documents you need to keep people safe in a holiday home.
HSV: 761TT1 - Talking therapy SLA template Use this SLA template to define what your MS Society group expects from a talking therapy service provider.
Wellbeing Facilitator role description Use this role description to learn how our Wellbeing Facilitators deliver impact for people living with MS.
VPRA: 205A - Manual handling (holiday homes) Branches operating a holiday home must ensure this risk assessment is completed by an appropriate person (known as holiday home contact).
What MS Support is - distance learning pack The offline version of our presentation on what the MS Support Programme is
VERA: 901 - Events risk assessment (general) - NOT IN USE AT THIS TIME Reference document showing the hazards and necessary control measures relating to events.
Our Supporter Promise Our Supporter Promise details our commitment to respectful, open, honest and accountable fundraising.
Welcome and Induction checklist for new campaigning volunteers This checklist is for volunteers involved in local campaigns pilots. It include resources useful for your local campaigning.
Using the Portal 7 - How to add an event or service A step by step guide to adding a group event or service to our Portal.
Template press release - sponsored fundraising Press release to help promote sponsored fundraising.
MS Support February 2018 Infographic showing Support Volunteer activity captured in February 2018 through information gathered from volunteers.
HSP: 103V - Fitness risk management policy procedure All the documents you need to keep people safe during fitness activities.
Influencer welcome and induction checklist We deliver impact for people affected by MS through our volunteers. This welcome and induction checklist will help our new Influencers to settle in.
Event checklist A checklist of tasks to be completed before your event starts, during it and afterwards.
Group Handbook C2: Disclosure checks The disclosure process in England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, and what happens if an applicant has a criminal conviction.
Volunteering Strategy workshop dates Volunteering Strategy workshop dates, times and locations Events Everyone