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Grant categories and maximum grant amounts
Grants - Health & Wellbeing form, guidance notes for applicants, and additional funding information form Health and Wellbeing Grant application form to give to applicants who want to apply to the group for a grant. There is space at the end to add your group’s details – save a copy, add the information...
Grants - process overview, good practice guide, list of grant categories and maximum amounts, record template and financial assessment tool Grants process overview with a summary of the main stages in the grants process, a more detailed good practice guide for awarding both Health & Wellbeing and Carers Grants at your group, a...
Group Coordinator role description Use this role description to learn how our Group Coordinators deliver impact for people affected by MS.
Group Coordinator welcome and induction checklist We deliver impact for people affected by MS through our volunteers. This welcome and induction checklist will help our new Group Coodinators to settle in.
Group Handbook Our handbook for local volunteer-led groups.
Group Handbook 2019 updates An overview of what's in each section, and what's changed in 2019.
Group Handbook A1: Introduction and overview About us, our volunteer-led groups and the handbook.
Group Handbook A2: Requirements, support, tools and resources Our group requirements, optional additional services, sources of support, online tools and written resources.
Group Handbook A3: Our values and how we deal with problems Our organisational values, our Code of Conduct, equality, diversity and inclusion, and dealing with problems.
Group Handbook A4: Our legal identity, policies and rules Our legal identity, our charitable objects, representing us and following our policies and rules.
Group Handbook A5: Health, safety and wellbeing Safe volunteering, reporting accidents, risk management, equipment purchases and donations, safeguarding, services for young people, insurance and minibus administration.
Group Handbook A6: Handling data Our personal data responsibilities, safe data storage and disposal, the rules for emails, using membership data, images and stories.
Group Handbook A7: Keeping in touch Contact with your Local Networks Officer and maintaining a record of your services.
Group Handbook Appendix 1: Volunteer website resource index A full list of online tools and written resources included in the Group Handbook.
Group Handbook Appendix 2: Sources of support Contact details for all staff teams referred to in the Group Handbook.
Group Handbook Appendix 3: MS Society rules for groups Our rules for groups and for volunteers included in the Group Handbook.
Group Handbook Appendix 4: MS Society financial rules for groups Our financial rules for volunteer-led groups.
Group Handbook Appendix 5: Code of Fundraising Practice in summary An overview of the Code as it applies to our volunteer-led groups.
Group Handbook B1: Availability, contact and communication Availability, being easy to contact, communicating with our members, and press and publicity.