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Titlesort descending Description Type Topic Main audience
HSV: 114 - Competent person checks
HSV: 117 - Stepladders - six monthly visual inspection Visual checks you should do every six months to keep volunteers safe when using a ladder.
HSV: 118 - Building condition form
HSV: 122 - Accident report form Use this form to log and report all accidents.
HSV: 123 - Incident report form Use this form to log and report all incidents.
HSV: 124 - Emergency aid notice Fill in your emergency contact details and display in your shop, day centre, drop-in centre or garage.
HSV: 124A - Treating puncture wounds poster Display on branch property so that volunteers know what to do if someone suffers a needle or other puncture wound.
HSV: 125 - Fire and emergency safety plan Every shop and day centre needs to complete one of these so that you know what to do in case of fire or a suspect package.
HSV: 125A - Appointed person responsibilities To be completed by each MS Society group member agreeing to take responsibility should an emergency occur, during an event with less than 25 people, in an unmanaged venue.
HSV: 125B - First aid at events - frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions about first aid at events and appointed person responsibilities.
HSV: 126 - Checklist for using a gazebo Use this checklist when you use a gazebo at an event organised by your group, or at a third party event.
HSV: 126 - Fire evacuation drill record Use this form as a register in fire drills, or as a checklist to ensure people know the drill (a 'passive' drill).
HSV: 127 - Personal emergency evacuation plan questionnaire To be completed with any visitor who has a health condition or impairment that might affect their ability to evacuate the building safely.
HSV: 127A - Personal emergency evacuation plan
HSV: 128 - MS Society building contact summary sheet This summary sheet must be completed for each MS Society building.
HSV: 132 - Property induction form Use this checklist when running through a property induction with a new volunteer.
HSV: 132A - Property induction form - young person Use this checklist when running through an induction with a volunteer under the age of 18.
HSV: 132B - Property induction form - vulnerable adults Use this checklist when carrying out a volunteer induction with a vulnerable adult, such as somebody with MS.
HSV: 132C - Property induction form - expectant mother Use this checklist when running through a volunteer induction with an expectant mother.
HSV: 132D - Property induction form - contractor Use this checklist when running through an induction with a contractor working at an MS Society property.