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Titlesort ascending Description Type Topic Main audience
Word document template Use this template when creating Word documents. Communications material Chair, Everyone
WHO effective handwashing - June 2020 Use this checklist when you use a gazebo at an event organised by your group, or at a third party event.
Whistleblowing (public interest disclosure) Policy and Procedure The MS Society Whistleblowing policy sets out the procedure to follow if you have cause to raise a concern about exceptional or serious malpractice.
Which activity to restart during COVID-19 This flowchart lays out what is needed to restart an event or activity
What MS Support is - distance learning pack The offline version of our presentation on what the MS Support Programme is
Wellbeing Facilitator welcome and induction checklist (generic) Our Wellbeing Facilitators help people with MS access their services improve their wellbeing. This welcome and induction checklist will help Wellbeing Facilitators to settle in.
Wellbeing Facilitator role description Use this role description to learn how our Wellbeing Facilitators deliver impact for people living with MS.
Welcoming and inducting volunteers A guide to our welcome and induction and how to support new volunteers to settle in.
Welcome to the MS Society This booklet is for volunteers newly joining us. Find out what we do, what volunteering with us is like and learn about the resources relevant to your role. Use the digital version to view it online...
Welcome and Induction checklist for new campaigning volunteers This checklist is for volunteers involved in local campaigns pilots. It include resources useful for your local campaigning.
Web to Print user guide Download our Web to Print user guide to get the best out of your group communications. Guide
We Are Undeafeatable
Ways to vote Find out the various ways of voting in the General Election.
VTRA: 012A - Refuelling This risk assessment must be completed by a driver the first time they refuel.
VTRA: 011A - Manoeuvring seats Complete this risk assessment if you lift or move vehicle seats, to keep passengers safe.
VTRA: 007A - Driving a vehicle Complete this risk assessment if you drive a minibus, van or other vehicle owned by your branch or group.
VTRA: 005A - Lending branch vehicles Complete this risk assessment to make sure those borrowing your branch vehicle stay safe, and to protect you from liability.
VTRA: 004A - Hiring vehicles Complete this risk assessment whenever your branch or groups hires or borrows a vehicle.
VTRA: 001A - Branch vehicle risk assessment Complete this risk assessment if your branch or group has a minibus, van or any other vehicle.
VTRA: 001 - Transport risk assessment (general) Reference document showing the hazards and necessary control measures relating to vehicles owned by branches.