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Support Volunteer welcome and induction

Welcome and thank you. We hope you enjoy volunteering with us.

Your welcome and induction checklist

We want you to have an opportunity to find out about our work, the policies in place to support you and the resources that will be essential to you.

Our welcome and induction checklist gives you pointers for settling into your role.

Download our Support Volunteer welcome and induction checklist as a PDF

If you’re recruiting volunteers, please bring a printed copy of this checklist to your initial meeting.

You can request a printed copy of this checklist from our Services and Support Administration Team

Here's a quick view of the resources listed in the checklist:

Welcome resources

  1. Support Volunteer role description
  2. Our welcome video and welcome booklet
  3. Our What is MS video and information
  4. Our Strategy video
  5. Representing the MS Society
  6. Our expenses policy
  7. Our expenses claim form

My mandatory learning

  1. Our lone working and volunteering policy
  2. Our Data protection policy
  3. Handling data
  4. Information on safeguarding and our policies
  5. Our Equal opportunities and inclusion policy
  6. Our Diversity position statement
  7. Health and Safety basics
  8. Our events risk management system

Learn as you go

  1. Using our brand
  2. Providing quality services and activities
  3. Service level agreements

Sources of support

Your Group Coordinator leads the team and is here to support you.

If your Group Coordinator isn’t able to help, your staff contact is Deborah Redman (Programme Lead - MS Support) and is here to support you, answer questions about what you’ll be doing, your learning and where you can get more information.

Our Volunteer Support Team ([email protected] or 0300 500 8084 #3) can put you in touch with Deborah or help with any queries you may have.

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