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Input to our new Strategy

Strategy matters: get involved!

In March we told you about our current work on developing our 2020-2024 strategy - building on the success of the last five years and guiding our work and decision making through the next five years.

Whatever your role, you’re the experts - so tell us what you think.

We want to speak to your group volunteers and members about what we’ve achieved so far and get your opinion on successes, challenges and opportunities, to help us develop a strong strategy.

Please take a few minutes and tell us what you think here.

Your views, experience and practical knowledge of MS and the MS Society, along with all the feedback we receive, will all help make sure we’re focusing on the right things.

Where have we got to so far?

Based on views from volunteers and staff, we’ve come up with some basic principles to work from and some further questions to ask:

  1. Our mission and vision still clearly say what we want to achieve. How can we build on our achievements of the last five years?

  2. Our goals still stand but should we look at them again to help us focus our resources on greater achievements?

  3. We need to adapt and respond to a rapidly changing world. What big or small changes have you noticed that we need to react to or prepare for?

  4. Everyone has different needs. How can we make sure we are able to reach out and tailor what we do across the MS community?

  5. We mustn’t be afraid of change. How can we work differently to better achieve our vision, mission and goals?

There is still time to get involved with focus groups which will be held across the UK in May. We want to ensure that people living with MS have the opportunity to give their views on the way forward for 2020/24.

If you have any questions, have something to say about the strategy or would like to be involved in the focus groups then please email the strategy team.

Finally, a big thank you for your contributions so far, please pass on these messages to anyone you think would be interested but might not get Teamspirit.

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