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Helping people understand benefits

There's a lot of change going on with benefits right now. If you or the people you support are finding it confusing, you're not alone!

If you're based in a branch or support group, here's a handy guide to helping people navigate the maze and understand the benefits system.

Make our three benefits booklets easily available

  1. Employment and support allowance (ESA) (MS Essentials 29)
  2. Claiming Disability living allowance (DLA) (MS Essentials 13)
  3. Benefits and MS (MS Essentials 09)

Signpost to local advice services

Signpost people to Citizens Advice for free UK-wide advice about benefits, or the Disability Law Service for help with benefits appeals and complaints in England and Wales.

Work in partnership

Develop a partnership with your local Citizens Advice service, so that people affected by MS can be seen quickly by a dedicated case worker who understands the issues.

Take inspiration from South Devon Branch, whose partnership with Citizens Advice has brought people almost £400,000 in benefits and now has a five-year lottery grant to fund it!

Organise a talk

Organise a benefits awareness session in partnership with local experts. To get started, speak to your local staff member and ask about the 'How to' guide for arranging talks on benefits and MS.

Need more help understanding benefits changes?

  1. Read our guides to ESA, statutory sick pay, jobseeker's allowance and more
  2. Check out our benefits frequently asked questions