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The MS Society turns 60

MS Stories

People affected by MS are at the heart of the MS Society and the heart of our anniversary. To mark 60 years of the MS Society, we’re collecting and sharing the stories of people affected by MS since 1953.

We already have some stories and at the start of next year we’ll begin to make them available so branches and support groups can use them.

The types of stories we’re collecting include:

  • When I was diagnosed
  • When I first contacted the MS Society
  • How life has changed since MS diagnosis
  • How life has changed since 1953
  • Memories of the MS Society
  • Or any other kind of story

We’re also asking people affected by MS to look to the future and tell us about their hopes for MS and the MS Society.

  1. Download the MS stories form to share your story or to collect stories at your branch

MS Society birthday packs

In 2013 we’ll be adding some “anniversary sparkle” to our existing events across the organisation.

MS Week, nation council meetings, national fundraising events and the MS Awards will all showcase the stories of people affected by MS. In the spring, branches and support groups will receive birthday packs full of materials to help add sparkle to your plans for 2013.

For more information about the anniversary, email the 60th anniversary team.