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Treasurers' Handbook update

The Treasurers’ Handbook has been extensively updated and reformatted to support branches and groups to maintain their accounts, manage their assets and plan and budget for the future.

What has changed?

We’ve made a number of changes to the Treasurers’ Handbook:

  • Format - the Treasurers’ Handbook is now a web-based resource, with individual sections and appendices available for download from our volunteer website.

  • Focus - branches using branch accounting online are now the target audience, with regular reminders throughout about how to switch from the paper-based pro forma. Guidance on producing the paper-based pro forma is now an appendix.

  • Content - new sections and appendices have been included to support branches and groups to use branch accounting online, understand Gift Aid better, meet our new audit and VAT reporting requirements and dispose of vehicles.

  • Perspective - the commentary characters “Ivor Surplus” and “Wise Owl” have been replaced with helpful “find out more” boxes.

  • Language - an emphasis box has been added to explain that dated language used in the VAT Act is repeated only where necessary, and that the MS Society takes our commitment to using inclusive, positive and empowering language very seriously.

  • Version control - each section now includes a version control box, so you can see at-a-glance when it was last reviewed.

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