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Fire drills

The running of fire drills is especially important in order to ensure that everyone is able to evacuate the building safely if there’s ever an emergency.

It’s a legal requirement that we hold two fire drills per year at regular intervals in all our owned buildings. The annual property audit carried out by the Branch Health and Safety Officer for Transport and Property checks that this is being completed in our group properties. As part of this audit, she will request a copy of your signing in register and the emergency evacuation sheet to show that this process has been completed.

At least one of the drills must be a live drill where everyone evacuates the building. If weather conditions are extreme the second drill can be a “passive drill”. This is where the person managing the property asks all those present what action they would take if the alarm were to sound and makes a written record of the process. This record highlights if individuals need further training or support.

If you have any questions about this or would like any further information please contact the health and safety team.

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