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Carers Week: 12-18 June

This week is Carers Week - a week dedicated to celebrating friends and family who make living with MS easier.

We want to make sure that our carers feel appreciated. We also want to raise awareness about caring to highlight the challenges carers face and ensure they have the support they need.

Carers Week is happening all over the UK, and many local MS Society groups are getting involved. If you are running your own event, you can download resources such as posters and press releases from the Carers Week website.

You can also get involved by:

  1. Sharing our new carers' booklet - Supporting someone with MS – a guide for family and carers
  2. Using the Carers Week website to recommend a carer-friendly service
  3. Sharing our posts on Facebook and Twitter where throughout the week we’ll be celebrating the inspirational carers and volunteers who do so much for our MS community.