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Invite your MP to our parliamentary exhibition

We're hosting an exhibition about MS at the Houses of Parliament.

This is a fantastic way to give MPs and members of the House of Lords an insight into the work being done to revolutionise the way MS is treated. The exhibition runs from 10-14 June.

The exhibition

At the exhibition, politicians will hear what it is like to live with MS, from people around the UK. They'll also hear hopes for the future of MS research from both scientists and people living with MS, so they can see what a crucial time this is for MS research.

How you can help

We want as many MPs as possible to see the exhibition. If you have time to email your local MP before Monday 10 June, this could really encourage them to attend.

  1. Use this template to write an email inviting your MP to attend
  2. See the government website for details of how to email your MP - just enter your postcode

You can add a section to the template, explaining why your MP attending the exhibition is important to you, personally. And, if you are planning to run a local event, such as a Research Talk or a My MS Walk, you could ask your MP to attend or say you will be back in touch about it later in the year if you don’t know the date just yet.

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