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Group activities and the 'Rule of Six'

In our last email, we told you about the trial we are doing with a small number of our groups to test the new paperwork and procedures needed to restart face-to-face activities in a ‘COVID-secure’ way.

Since then, the law about meeting in groups of no more than six (with variations in each of the nations) has been introduced. This change will certainly make restarting things more challenging, but we will be studying the detail of the new guidance carefully. In the meantime, we will continue with the trial wherever possible.

The increase of social restrictions and local lockdowns, in response to recent rises in confirmed COVID cases, emphasises that restarting group activities face to face will not be a straightforward process. If you have been able to move activities online, they may need to continue like this for some time to come.

So, if you have not done so already, please make sure that any online activities are added to your group’s listings on the Volunteer Portal as soon as possible. This means they will pull through to the main website and can be found by anyone searching for events in your area.

If you have any questions about adding this information to the Portal, our online guides 7, 8 and 9 here should help, or you can contact Supporter Care.

(We are aware of a technical glitch which has caused a few group pages not to appear on the main website after a search. It’s something we can fix, so please let Supporter Care know if you notice it happening.)

Once again, thanks for your patience as we navigate through these tricky times.