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New campaign to improve vital MS support

Our new research shows that, too often, people with MS can’t get the support they need to stay active and independent – and this has only got worse during lockdown.

Thousands of people with MS rely on rehabilitation services, like physiotherapy, occupational therapy or continence support, to do the everyday things many people take for granted – like making a cup of tea or moving around your home safely.

But our new report shows that, since lockdown began, 7 in 10 people with MS hadn’t been able to speak to a rehabilitation professional when they needed to. Of the 1674 people we spoke to, 4 in 10 had appointments cancelled or delayed, either by the healthcare professional or by themselves due to concerns about infection.

Without this support, people with MS are losing their mobility, their confidence and their independence. This is too much to lose, and it can’t wait.

We’re calling for local health leaders to act

That’s why we’ve launched a new campaign. Together, we’re calling on local health leaders to do all they can to make sure people with MS get the support they need, during the pandemic and beyond. Ask your local health leader to sign our pledge.

Take action on another local issue

We’ve created a new range of tools and templates to help you campaign locally, on the issues that matter to you. Whether you’re angry about hospital parking charges, concerned about cuts to local MS services, or want to improve access to local leisure facilities, you can make a difference. Find out more here.