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'Please give me some space' badges and lanyards

The Government in England has collaborated with charities to develop the ‘Please give me space’ symbol. This simple slogan is available as a card and badge that anyone can carry (whether or not they have a health condition) to encourage other people to socially distance. You can print it out and create your own badge or lanyard for free here. The slogan is also available for sale for as a badge or lanyard on the Hidden Disabilities Store.

We polled some of you on Twitter to ask whether you’d find wearing a badge or lanyard helpful. 62% of the 131 who responded said ‘yes’, so we hope some of you will find this option useful. Email us about your experiences.

Hidden Disabilities and charities are talking to businesses and supermarkets to make sure they recognise the symbol and encourage customers to practice social distancing in their stores. We know it will take more than wearing a badge to help some people that are more vulnerable to COVID-19 feel safe and comfortable when out and about. We are working with the Government to ensure they make public spaces safe and accessible for people with conditions like MS as we continue to live with the virus.