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Update on restarting group activities face to face

As explained in recent emails, we’re running a trial with a small number of our local groups to test the new paperwork and procedures which need to be in place for certain face-to-face activities to restart. We’ve now approved seven groups to restart, and others are working towards this. We’ll run the trial to the end of this month and then review feedback from those involved, to see whether changes need to be made before we roll the guidance out more widely. We need to know that the new procedures work in practice and that we can support groups effectively. As we’ve said before, any roll out will only be to groups who wish to restart face to face. We know that some don’t, and that’s absolutely fine.

Although we’re continuing the trial where we can, the increase in local lockdowns (and current speculation about wider restrictions to come) means we can have little certainty about face-to-face activities as we move into winter. Even if we approve an activity to restart, any tightening of local restrictions will override this. Volunteers will therefore have the additional responsibility of responding quickly to changes in their area.

Nothing about the current situation is straightforward, and we’re watching the UK picture carefully. In the meantime, it’s important that all face-to-face group activity remains on hold (other than for those in the trial).

If any of your group’s activities have moved online, please add them to the listings on the Volunteer Portal. This means they will pull through to the main website and can be found by anyone searching for events in your area. If you have any questions about adding this information to the Portal, our online guides 7, 8 and 9 here should help, or you can contact Supporter Care.

Thanks for your continuing patience and understanding as we try to keep everyone safe.