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World MS Day

World MS Day is on Sunday 30 May, and this year the theme is ‘connections’. It’s all about building community connection, self-connection and connections to quality care. The MS International Federation (MSIF), of which we’re a member, has developed this campaign to challenge social barriers that leave people affected by MS feeling lonely and socially isolated.

‘Not Alone’

The campaign tagline is ‘Not Alone’ and the campaign hashtag is #MSConnections. And we encourage you to get involved on your social media channels using this tag.

There are several sides to the campaign, including:

  • Challenging social barriers and stigma that can leave people affected by MS feeling lonely and isolated

  • Building communities that support and nurture people affected by MS

  • Promoting self-care and healthy living with MS

  • Lobbying decision makers for better services and effective treatment for people with MS

  • Connecting people affected by MS to MS research.

We’ll be sharing content from our #NeverAlone and previous #MSConnections campaigns. We have some exciting press activity planned, so keep an eye out for updates.

We’ve worked with Enable (disability and lifestyle magazine) on a World MS Day feature which is going out in their next edition. They interviewed Aleks, one of our Helpline volunteers, on the theme of connection.

We’ll also be working with our amazing Ambassador, Trishna, who's hosting ‘Tune in for MS’ this year, to share her story. And speaking to our blogger Roxy, who took part in the choir last year. Look out for her story on Instagram.

Tune in!

Join the MSIF on Sunday 30 May (2pm – 3pm) for a virtual concert - Tune in for MS! The event will bring the global MS community together on World MS Day in solidarity and celebration. It will feature performances and messages from some of the stars of the MS community, including the Global MS Choir!

“Music is part of so many of our lives, but it can be easy to forget its many health benefits. As well as creating that feel-good factor, singing can really help improve our physical and mental health. It can help our lungs, our hearts and our brains… and the social connections that flow from singing together are great for our minds.” MSIF

Tune in online on Facebook and YouTube. You can also sign up to watch the event on the World MS Day website.