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UK Government consults on disability benefits

We’ve waited two years for the UK Government’s plans to improve disability benefits. And now is our opportunity to make sure the MS community is heard loud and clear, so the Government knows what they need to do to make benefits work for people with MS.

We know that PIP is failing people with MS – from the unfair 20 metre rule to inaccurate ‘informal observations’, and assessments that don’t reflect how MS is different for everyone and from day to day. This is costing people their independence.

We need an assessment process we can trust. Decisions need to be backed up by evidence not assumptions, and assessments carried out by people with good knowledge of MS.

Have your say

We can make benefits work for people with MS, if we all share our views on how to improve disability benefits. Use our easy-to-use form to answer the UK Government’s key questions and help us ensure the Government hears what we think about benefits loud and clear. 

For more information, please visit our website.