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Volunteer Voice

We began our Volunteer Voice sessions during the unsettling days of the first lockdown, so we could come together to share experiences and ideas on supporting our community and each other. We wanted to update you on how the organisation was responding to the challenges of the pandemic, hear your questions and concerns, and provide reassurance where we could. As 2020 progressed, and the sessions were well received, we settled into the current monthly schedule.

Earlier this year, we tweaked the format slightly and started inviting colleagues along to highlight some of the things we’re working on. Our topics so far have been:

  • March: Plans for the staggered restart of group face-to-face services and activities

  • April: MSS financial update / Introduction to our new online space, For you

  • May: New ideas and tools to support the return to more normal fundraising

  • June: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and the work we've been doing to understand how we can better engage with under-represented groups.

  • July: How to get involved in our new local campaigning programme.

We hope these presentations have been useful. We try to keep them short so the sessions remain a place where you can have your say and we have time to answer your questions and engage in discussion.

Feedback so far

Recent feedback from attendees on what they’ve found helpful at Volunteer Voice has included:

“Getting an update and being able to ask questions straight away.”

“A really comprehensive answer to a question I pre-registered.”

“Volunteers sharing their practice.”

“Being connected to staff members in significant MSS roles.”

“Hearing other volunteers raise issues.”

“I found all the speakers and questions put to them very informative.”

The next Volunteer Voice is on Wednesday 25 August at 11.30am will include an update on the newly-formed Community Networks Advisory Panel. Register here to join us for this session.

The session after that will be on Wednesday 22 September at 4pm (special topic still to be confirmed). Register here to join us for this session.

Tell us what you want to hear more of

We have some ideas about future topics for Volunteer Voice, but we want to be guided by you. So, if there’s a particular issue you’d like us to cover, or an area of our work you’d like to hear more about, do let us know at [email protected]