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National Council recruitment

We’ve just opened recruitment for Council Members for our Cymru/Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland Councils, and for a Council Chair for our Cymru/Wales Council. Our National Councils help us reach further into the MS community in each nation of the UK, acting as ambassadors for our cause and enabling people affected by MS to share what matters most to them. Councils help to deliver our strategy and national plans, and contribute to the Board’s understanding of nation-specific priorities and issues.

Vacancies are open for online applications from 9am on Friday 1 October until 5pm on Friday 29 October.

  1. Download our National Council Chair volunteer role description

  2. Download our National Council Chair volunteer role description

After the matter was considered at their September meeting, England Council Member recruitment will be deferred until 2022, to enable the newly-appointed Council Chair to take part.

Promoting our Council vacancies

Our Board and Council recruitment is supported by a dedicated hub on our website (including Cymru language translations). This includes an overview of how the MS Society operates, National Council annual reviews and plans, information about our roles, and how to apply:

  1. Check out our Board and Councils recruitment hub here

Help us spread the word

Our National Councils are made up of people with a close personal connection to our cause, and many of them are people living with MS. We actively encourage applications from people with a personal connection to MS.

We all have different contacts and networks within our MS community - which is how you can help us.

Do you know anyone who might be interested?

If you’re considering applying to join a National Council, please check out our recruitment hub for information on how to apply online. Alternatively, please share the link with people in your network who might be interested.

  1. Go to our Board and Councils recruitment hub

Like, share and repost on social media

Throughout October, you’ll also see these vacancies promoted across our social media with a video featuring Catherine Doran (outgoing Chair of our Northern Ireland Council). Please do like, share and repost on your group and personal pages to help us spread the word as widely as possible.

With your help, we can make sure our recruitment panels (which all include people living with MS) have a great pool of candidates to consider.