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Checking support mailboxes

If you’re a Support Volunteer you’ll have access to three mailboxes; your personal MS Society mailbox, your group mailbox and the support mailbox. These can all be accessed via your MS Society Office 365.

The support mailbox has been set up to ensure any personal details of the people you’re communicating with are kept confidential. Only Support Volunteers have access to MS Society support mailboxes.

Please ensure you’re checking your support mailbox, as well as your personal and group mailboxes, on a regular basis to avoid missing important communications. Your group’s support email address ([email protected], or similar) should also be published on your group’s page of the MS Society website so people can direct enquiries to the right place.

Unused support mailboxes aren’t automatically disabled, so your group could be missing enquires from people who need support.

Therefore if:

  • you’re unsure whether your group has a support mailbox

  • your group is without a Support Volunteer so you’d like to close the mailbox

  • you’re a Support Volunteer and you’re having trouble accessing the support mailbox for any reason

  • you would like to add your support email address to your group’s page of the MS Society website

please contact the Volunteer Support Team at [email protected] or by calling 0300 500 8084 - option #3.