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MS Awareness Week

MS Awareness Week 2022 will run from Monday 25 April to Sunday 1 May. It’s a really important time for us to come together, speak out and raise awareness of MS –both in the media and amongst the community. MS Awareness Week is run by the MS Society. Other MS charities (like MS Trust) may run their own campaigns, but they’ll raise awareness during the same week. We have a landing page on our website, which we’ll be updating over the coming weeks with information and ways you can get involved, so keep a look out.

This year’s theme

Each year we choose a theme to focus on for the entire week. This year, we’ve been working with a focus group of people living with MS to choose a theme which resonates with the community. Together, after sharing their experience of struggling with unpredictable symptoms, and not knowing how their condition will progress, we’re focussing on ‘uncertainty’.

Sharing stories from the MS community

This year we’re asking people to share their stories about dealing with the uncertainty of living with MS. It’s vital we put people with MS at the heart of our stories, and we’re always looking for people to share their experiences of living with MS – and raise awareness of the issues the MS community is facing. If you’d be happy to share your story publicly, a member of our Press Team will arrange a time to talk to you over the phone. You could then potentially feature in a press release that is sent to regional and/or national press, or you might be asked to do a radio or TV interview. Your story may also be shared on our website or social media channels. You can find out more, and put yourself forward to share your story by visiting our website here.

Fundraising in MS Awareness Week

We’re asking people to dress to impress this MS Awareness Week! On Friday 29 April, we’re encouraging people to dress up in their favourite Fancy Dress for MS outfit and help raise funds and awareness. They can choose to either wear their outfit to work, at home or just wear the fancy dress of their choice all day. Friends, family and work colleagues will be asked to sponsor them and they’ll be asked to share images on social media using the hashtag #fancydressforms

For those less inclined to don fancy dress, we’re once again asking supporters to host a Cake Break. This could involve organising a bake off with work mates, decorating cookies with the kids or inviting friends over for cake and a cuppa! We’re working on updating the Cake Break website with information for this year’s event, so keep your eyes peeled.

How can groups get involved?

In addition to hosting a Cake Break or promoting Fancy Dress for MS to raise money for your group, we’re exploring what other resources we can make available for groups to use during the week, including in newsletters and on social media. These will be shared in the next Community Networks update in two weeks’ time.

The March Volunteer Voice session takes place on Tuesday 22 March and is on the theme of MS Awareness Week. You can find out more, and register to attend, here.