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Community Networks Advisory Panel

We want to ensure that the support we’re providing to our groups is as effective, timely and as accessible as possible. So local groups can, in turn, support their local MS communities. To help us do this, and to better understand and agree our priority areas of work, we’ve formed a panel of volunteers and staff, called the Community Networks Advisory Panel (CNAP).

The Panel is comprised of volunteers from across our local groups in the UK. It includes a representative from each of our four National Councils, and is co-chaired by a volunteer selected by the Panel and the Head of Community Networks. Volunteers and staff bring a wide range of skills and knowledge to the Panel, and the experience of volunteering and working within the MS Society. Most importantly, they all share a passion for supporting our MS community. Members of CNAP get together online on a quarterly basis and serve a two-year term. You can see some of CNAP members that attended a recent meeting in the screenshot.

CNAP have now met a few times to discuss ways of working, agree their Terms of Reference (the purpose, scope and limitations of the Panel) and select a co-Chair. They’ve also agreed some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Community Networks. KPIs are measurements of how effectively an organisation is achieving its objectives - helping to focus attention on what matters most. The Community Networks KPIs will help us understand the impact of the 2020 reorganisation on our local groups, as well as the reach and impact of our local groups on the wider MS community.

If you have any questions about CNAP, please contact our Volunteer Support Team at [email protected].