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New online hub to be piloted in December

Social Connect, a new package of online resources, designed to empower more people across the MS community to come together, share experiences and access peer support, will be piloted in December.

Complementing the invaluable services already offered by our local groups, Social Connect is an online hub which will be available on the local support section of the website. It will include a suite of guidance and support for people not formally involved in a local MS Society group who would like to set up or develop their own independent social groups. These may be based around common interests or things that matter to them. For example, a type of MS or a hobby, so they can connect with like-minded people.

The guidance will focus on setting up social groups in the area, as well as online, so more people can come together over common interests regardless of their location. The hub will provide practical help on running meetings, and information on how to promote meet-ups and activities.

Social Connect has been created to help grow the existing MS community across the UK, to increase people’s emotional well-being and help tackle and reduce loneliness and isolation.

Social Connect will go live on our website in December. During the pilot we’ll be gathering feedback to develop the resources further. We hope to provide further updates and next steps early in the new year.

For any questions about Social Connect, please contact project lead Gina Meyer at [email protected]. Gina will be happy to discuss the project.