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Deeper Conversations - New eLearning module launched

We’ve all experienced the feeling of knowing that an upcoming conversation is going to be difficult. That we need to address uncomfortable issues in order to resolve a situation. Some of our Group Coordinators have said they’d find a resource to help with this really useful.

So, in collaboration with our internal experts and volunteers, we’ve developed and tested the Deeper Conversations eLearning module. This practical guide will help you feel more confident in creating an environment for the best possible outcome, managing your feelings and planning what you want to say. It should take about 20 - 25 minutes to complete. And there’s a quick recap section which you can dive straight into if you’re short on time.

We’ll be releasing the eLearning to Group Coordinators, Support Volunteers and Communication Volunteers. If you’re in one of these roles, you’ll receive an automated notification from our eLearning Gateway to give you access to the course.

You may have received compulsory GDPR training from the eLearning Gateway in the past. In contrast, this module on Deeper Conversations is entirely optional. We hope you’ll be interested to take a look and will find the content helpful. It'll be there for you when or if you need it.

If you’re in another role, but would find guidance on having difficult conversations useful, you’re welcome to use the eLearning. Just contact [email protected] to request access to it.