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Keeping our data safe – Final deadline for GDPR training 

In March 2022 we started rolling out mandatory GDPR eLearning to relevant volunteers. This training is required for anyone who has access to personal data in their role, either online or on paper. You can find the list of roles requiring GDPR training here.

GDPR training is also required for a volunteer in any role who has access to MS Society systems, including the Portal and MSS email. 

Why is completing GDPR training so important?

As a charity we have a legal responsibility to ensure that anyone with access to personal data knows how to handle it safely and securely, and that they have completed this essential training. Having volunteers who've failed to complete the GDPR training required for their role(s) leaves us in breach of Data Protection Act (DPA) requirements. We're then liable for hefty fines from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).  

While we understand and appreciate that volunteer time is limited, we can’t extend the completion deadline indefinitely.  

If you received our GDPR – Keeping Data Safe training (as an eLearning link, an emailed PDF, or on paper) in 2022 and haven’t yet completed it, the final deadline is Tuesday 28 February 2023.

We’ve contacted your volunteer manager to ask them to support you to complete the training before the deadline. If you’re a volunteer in one of our local groups, this is your Group Coordinator or other key contact (if the group has no GC). If you’re a non-group volunteer, this is your usual MS Society staff contact.

If there are any extenuating personal circumstances (such as ill health) that are preventing you from completing the training by 28 February, we’ve asked them to let the Volunteer Support Team know.

What happens after 28 February if I don’t complete the training?

If you’re in a role (see the list here) which requires GDPR training, we’ll support your volunteer manager to move you to a different role where GDPR training isn’t required. And we’ll remove your access to any MS Society systems – such as MSS email or the Portal.

If there’s no other role for you to move to, you’ll unfortunately no longer be able to volunteer with us.

If you’re already in a non-GDPR role, but have access to any MS Society systems, we’ll remove this access.

This process will take place over a four-week period, from 1 March.   

How do I access the course?

The link to the 45-minute eLearning course is

Personal logins and passwords to the course have been emailed to all volunteers who need to complete this training. If we don’t have an email address for you on our records, you should have received a printed version in the post.  

Useful information

If you have any problems accessing the training, please email [email protected] or call 0300 500 8084, option #3.  

To join an online training support session please book your place here.

Thank you

Thank you for helping us to keep everyone’s data safe by completing this important training. We appreciate that everyone is busy. We’ll do all we can to help so that you can continue in your volunteering role(s) with us.