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Single release aims to raise vital funds and awareness

We’re really excited a single is being released to raise money and awareness for us and Overcoming MS. It’s been created by the classical music composer, Fabio D’Andrea. The music video that goes with it stars our supporter, the Game of Thrones actress, Rose Leslie. (Photo credit: Ralu Chase)

Some of the profits from the downloads of the classical track, Hope Reborn, will be split between the two charities. We hope the film that goes with it will help to increase understanding of the realities of living with MS.

Rose Leslie plays the lead role in the video. It sees her character Amy being diagnosed with MS and finding support from the MS community.

Help people who have MS to feel less alone

Rose explains why she wanted to be involved: “I’ve been a passionate supporter of the MS Society for a few years now, so when they approached me to take part in this music video I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis and to highlight the invisible symptoms that people who are living with MS will often experience.

“I hope that it will also provide a positive message to anyone who does have this condition – that it’s still possible to live a full life. I hope that this music video will help to raise vital funds for the MS Society and Overcoming MS as well as increasing understanding of the condition.”

Involving people with MS

We worked closely with Fabio, Rose and Overcoming MS on the making of the film. People with MS were involved throughout the process. A group met Fabio to discuss their diagnosis and experience of living with the condition when he was working on the storyline. Volunteers from both charities feature as extras in various scenes in the video.

Fabio says: “I had an amazing workshop with volunteers from both charities. They were able to share stories about what’s happened in their lives. We were able to put those into the film itself. So some scenes have really been inspired from true life events.”

Fabio has previously partnered with celebrities to create films, accompanied by his music. The one that attracted the most attention is a music video he made with Mel B (from the Spice Girls) which focuses on domestic violence. It was created in collaboration with the charity, Women’s Aid.

Our Chief Executive is Nick Moberly: “We’re so grateful to Fabio D’Andrea for making Hope Reborn, and to our supporter Rose Leslie for giving her time to play the lead role. We know it will do an amazing job to raise awareness of the realities of living with MS.”

We’d love it if you could download the single and share the film with family and friends.

You can watch the film and find out how to download the single at