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MS Society Designs: Feedback and drop-in sessions

Firstly, we want to say a big thank you to everyone who has used or tested the new MS Society Designs order process.

We've now had over 50 orders, plus some really helpful feedback which has allowed us to make small improvements to the process. If you haven’t already, please let us know what you think about the new process. We really appreciate your taking the time to do this via our feedback form here.

Listening and improving

Following the feedback we've had so far, we’ve made the following updates. We hope these tweaks will help make the process easier:


  • changed some of the fields on the form to be more inclusive for those ordering that are not in groups.

  • changed a couple of questions on the form to non-compulsory to avoid confusion about what needs to be filled out and what doesn’t.

  • increased the number of images you can upload to the MS Form.

  • added some hints and tips into the design guide around finding word counts within the Word templates.

  • made changes to the Word templates to try to alleviate the confusion around uploading images.

And we're continuing to look at a longer-term print solution for those that need materials printing.

One of the main points of feedback is that users can't see their designs as they go through the order process. We understand that this is frustrating. But, unfortunately, it’s not something we can change at this point due to the resources and budget available. Our designer is adaptable, and we're confident that we can work with you closely on a design if you're not happy with it.

Supporting you

As we settle into using the new order process, we're keen to keep an open forum with users. So we've set up a drop-in session for the next three months where you can come and ask questions or raise any issues.

These sessions will be:

  • Thursday, 27 April at 1pm
  • Thursday, 25 May at 1pm
  • Thursday, 29 June at 1pm

To attend any of these sessions, please register via our form here, and we'll send you a link to the meeting.